Ramaroo UGC Player helps online stores convert more visitors into customers

  • You source greate User Generated Content
  • We provider the technology to showcase this on your website
  • Result = Your store's performance can reach 🚀

All of this without ANY impact on your page load times 🙏

When brands get UGC right…






Peach & Lily

Rhode Skin


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Want to see our video player in action?

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Ramaroo UGC Player integrates seamlessly with your website

Step 1

We generate a unique code snippet and you embed it in your website

Step 2

Upload the User Generated Content

Step 3

Voilà! Start converting more visitors into customers

*Native integration with Shopify and Woocommerce are coming soon. These will eliminate the need to manually embed code snippets in your website.

Want to see our video player in action?

View our demo store


Will the Ramaroo UGC Player slow down our store?

Nope! We use an HTML5 video player - technology which has been tried and tested for many years now. Moreover, we don’t actually save the video files in your website. Instead, we stream the video data from our own servers after the page data itself has been downloaded.

How will a visitor to our website experience the Ramaroo UGC player?

We use the same principles that streaming services like Netflix use, to provide your website visitors with a seamless experience. It takes a few seconds at most for the thumbnail to start playing. Once the user presses play, the video is served in a matter of seconds

Where can I get the UGC content?

Well, our advice is to source that from your own customers. You might need to provide them with an incentive, given that recording the video will take an effort on their side, plus you are in essence acquiring their commercial rights so a giftcard or a small cash payment might be required. Alternatively, you can also outsource the production of UGC content to platforms like x. Regardless of what you decide, we’d be lying if we said sourcing high quality UGC is easy. Working with professional content creators can make things easier but, in our humble opinion, that only works when the content creator truly loves your product. Not all UGC is created equal - have a look at the demos on this page to get a sense of how other brands do it

How many Ramaroo UGC players can I install on my website?

We only limit the number of video players on our free plan.

Can I install the Ramaroo UGC player on any page of our website?

Yes you can, but we strongly advise that you only install it on your product page or a similar type of landing page. We don’t recommend installing it on pages later on in the checkout funnel (i.e. shopping basket or checkout page), because you will likely end up distracting your visitor from your main target: getting them to make a purchase

Is Ramaroo UGC player compatible with any website?

As long as you are able to manually install the code snippet needed to embed our video player on a website, you will be able to use Ramaroo UGC Player

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can try out Ramaroo UGC player for free by clicking here.

How long does it take to get started?

Getting started takes less than two minutes. The only thing which might hold you up is if you need help from your developer to embed our unique code snippet in your website. If you want to try it yourself, check out this page where we list the necessary steps for websites which run on a range of hosted and open source shopping carts.

Do I need coding skills?

Nope. We ‘automagically’ generate the code snippet for you. From there, it’s just a matter of embedding it into the website. Depending on which software your store runs on, you might be able to do it yourself (see here for the instructions). Otherwise, you might need to ask your developer to do it, but it should take them less than two minutes

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